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Life Giving Love

Life Giving Love ~ Overcoming Woundedness How Woundedness Affects Our Relationships We all come from a family.  Within our family of origin, our faith, opinions, needs, character, the way we … Continued

Of Ukraine, Adoption, and Lent

Of Ukraine, Adoption, and Lent This past week, as the story of the Russian aggression against Ukraine unfolded, I was recalling my father’s story and the Ukrainian woman who saved … Continued

Feeling Loved in Marriage

Feeling Loved in Marriage   Love is Not a Feeling… Or is It? We often hear in Catholic circles that “Love is a choice, not a feeling,” “Love is an … Continued

Family Passing Down Catholic Faith

Passing Down the Faith

Passing Down the Faith   According to Roman Catholic theology, the entirety of divine revelation and the Deposit of Faith is transmitted to successive generations by way of scripture and … Continued