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Resources for Parish Rollout

Once you have been trained either online or at a live training make sure to:

1. Go through the Parish Rollout Checklist

2. Print off copies of the WTL Info Flyer and WTL 8 Steps Explained for your parish team

3. Provide formation for Marriage Prep Coaches meeting with engaged and mentor couples through WTL’s Be More: A Marriage Formation Retreat

4. Visit our App Resource page for tips to assign licenses to couples.

5. Visit the FAQ page to watch some great short videos or read our FAQ sheet

6. Have a Kick-off Sunday to introduce WTL to your parish. Show the WTL intro video and use the Sample Pulpit Announcement. This will get the community excited to be a part of strengthening marriages in the community!

7. Utilize the WTL Bulletin Board to print or download flyers and graphics to share with your parish community through bulletin announcements and/or social media, Flocknote, email, etc

8. Parish Be Light Marriage Enrichment Small Groups resources.