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Strengthening Marriages Through Faith & Commitment

Witness to Love provides a transformative journey for couples, guiding them through faith-based marriage preparation and ongoing support.


Through comprehensive resources and ongoing support, Witness to Love equips couples with the tools to navigate challenges and strengthen their bond for a lifetime of love in Christ.

Church Leaders

Witness to Love provides church leaders with comprehensive training and resources to cultivate thriving marriages within their communities, fostering a culture of love, faith, and commitment.


Support Witness to Love's mission of fostering enduring Christ-centered marriages and ensuring couples worldwide receive formation, connection, and resources needed to build strong, loving marriages.

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What is Witness to Love?

Witness to Love is a virtues-based, catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation that integrates modern principles of psychology and the virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue about their relationship.

More About Us


WTL hosts a variety of events ranging from certification trainings for marriage formation leaders to Date Nights for couples!

Media Center

The Witness to Love Media Center features a diverse range of resources including articles, downloads, podcasts, and videos.


Marriage preparation materials, mentor training guides, and faith-based content to support couples at every stage of their relationship.

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Our Team

Verrets Steps

Ryan & Mary Rose Verret

Co-Founders; President & CEO (Respectively)

Mary-Rose & Ryan Verret are internationally recognized speakers, authors, television hosts, and the co-founders of Witness to Love. Together Ryan and Mary-Rose speak on issues regarding evangelization, marriage, and discipleship. 

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David & Kate Dawson

David Dawson

Chief Operating Officer

David and his wife, Kate, have been serving marriages for over 15 years, including “Domestic Church” lay movement, Family Life Director in the Diocese of Lake Charles, Family Life Director for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, board member of Catholic Family Life Association and Witness to Love, and Director of...

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Raymond Hebert and family

Raymond Hebert

VP of Philanthropy

Raymond Hebert is the VP for Philanthropy for Witness to Love as of February 2024. He served as a member of Governor-Elect Jeff Landry’s Transition Team, One Team Louisiana.  Prior to this, and since 2000, Raymond served as the organizing President & CEO of...

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Daniela & Jeff Mazzone

Daniela Mazzone

VP of Content & Leadership Development, Spanish Support Lead

Daniela has been serving since her youth, where she acted as youth minister, worked with the Family Life Office of the Archdiocese of New York with the Sisters of Life, serving the hispanic community and forming them in the Church’s teaching on marriage and family...

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Norma & Mike Alzamora

Norma Alzamora

Parish Support Specialist, English and Spanish

Norma and her husband, Mike, have been serving Spanish marriage ministry for over 6 years, including Spanish Marriage formation coordinator at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception parish and Spanish Marriage Formation Retreat Coordinator and Marriage...

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Izabella & Bill Nagle

Izabella Nagle

Diocesan Liaison

Izabella and Bill have been involved in marriage ministry for over 18 years including as a presenting couple for the Worldwide Marriage Encounter and the Family Life Office of the Archdiocese of New York, a regional couple for the Domestic Church, serving the New York Metro...

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Stephanie & Craig Rapp

Stephanie Rapp

Lead Ambassador

Stephanie has been serving the lord since she served as a Young Life Leader in high school. Since, Stephanie has worked in anti-human trafficking efforts and providing mental health services to children and families and in ministry as the Director of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Columbus.

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Jude & Abby LeCompte

Jude LeCompte

Assistant to the President for Special Projects

Jude has been serving since 2017 when he joined Regnum Christi Mission Corps and served as a missionary for two years in Atlanta, GA. After returning to South Louisiana, Jude met his now wife, Abby, advocating for marriage and family life, and is a product of Witness to Love.

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Alma 781x1000

Alma Morrow

Office Manager

Alma was born in Piedras Negras, Mexico. She moved to Kaplan, Louisiana as a child and was raised and educated there. After high school, she attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to pursue a career in Business Administration. 

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Lisa & Erik Becerra

Lisa Becerra

California State Ambassador

Lisa and Erik's journey to serving marriages began when she and her husband made the commitment to raise their marriage from a civil contract to a Sacramental bond. Since, Lisa volunteered in the Religious Education program and Sacramental Preparation and Wedding Coordinator of...

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Annie & Craig Howat

Annie Howat

Parish Support Team Member, French Support Lead

Annie is originally from Québec City, Canada. She moved to Louisiana after college to teach French, where she met her now husband, Craig. Annie has been teaching French and Social Studies in grades K through 12 for public, private and online schools. She has been involved in church ministries such as...

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