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Strengthening Marriages Through Faith & Commitment

Witness to Love provides a transformative journey for couples, guiding them through faith-based marriage preparation and ongoing support.


Through comprehensive resources and ongoing support, Witness to Love equips couples with the tools to navigate challenges and strengthen their bond for a lifetime of love in Christ.

Church Leaders

Witness to Love provides church leaders with comprehensive training and resources to cultivate thriving marriages within their communities, fostering a culture of love, faith, and commitment.


Support Witness to Love's mission of fostering enduring Christ-centered marriages and ensuring couples worldwide receive formation, connection, and resources needed to build strong, loving marriages.

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What is Witness to Love?

Witness to Love is a virtues-based, catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation that integrates modern principles of psychology and the virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue about their relationship.

More About Us


WTL hosts a variety of events ranging from certification trainings for marriage formation leaders to Date Nights for couples!

Media Center

The Witness to Love Media Center features a diverse range of resources including articles, downloads, podcasts, and videos.


Marriage preparation materials, mentor training guides, and faith-based content to support couples at every stage of their relationship.

Marriage Formation Coordinator

Catholic Marriage Preparation

Become a Marriage Formation Coordinator and play a vital role in ensuring the success of the Witness to Love process. As a passionate advocate for the sacrament of marriage, you'll champion the formation of enduring unions, guiding couples with expertise, warmth, and meticulous attention to detail, fostering a culture of love and commitment within your parish community.

Already certified with your church parish?

Who is a Marriage Formation Coordinator?

Marriage Formation Coordinators are essential for the success of the Witness to Love process, shaping the tone and direction of marriage preparation within the parish community. They serve as passionate advocates for the sacrament of marriage, guiding couples with expertise while fulfilling various crucial roles in the preparation process.

Your Key Role

The Witness to Love Marriage Formation Coordinator (MFC) sets the tone for how marriage preparation happens in the parish. The MFC coaches mentors and supports engaged and civilly married couples while they go through the WTL experience and beyond.

Ideal Qualities

The role can be assumed by a priest who has very few weddings, but more commonly it is assumed by a deacon, religious, or lay individual or couple. Ideally, it is someone over the age of 30 who is passionate about marriage and evangelization. Approachability and attention to detail are great qualities in an MFC.

Time Commitment

Time commitment for a coordinator may vary, depending on the number of marriages and whether you have a support team or not. Be prepared to dedicate 3-5 hours to each couple and their mentors in the span of their formation journey.

Support for Mentor Couples

The MFC provides coaching, support and guidance to the mentor couples, ensuring they feel equipped and confident in their role. The MFC can connect mentors to opportunities for marriage enrichment and greater involvement in the life of the parish.

Resource and Information Hub

Coordinators are aware of local and online resources to help couples thrive in their marriage. They can quickly connect couples to Fertility Awareness/ Natural Family Planning instructors, psychotherapists, and ministries that serve their unique needs.

Engagement with Parish Life

The coordinator provides ongoing support for newlywed and mentor couples and makes an intentional invitation to the various apostolates offered, ensuring a lasting connection within the parish community.  

How it Works


Witness to Love utilizes the Couples Roadmap as a structured framework for newlyweds and engaged couples to journey through during their marriage preparation process. Emphasizing the importance of investing at least 6 months in their future marriage and family, the Roadmap guides couples through various stages of preparation, ensuring they have ample time to delve into important topics and strengthen their relationship.

Scroll through the marriage preparation process below, including directions and suggestions.

WTL_Couples Roadmap-Phase-1-white_v1

Phase I

Initial Preparation

πŸ“  Meet with parish priest or deacon

πŸ“  Choose a mentor couple

πŸ“  Complete the premarital inventory

πŸ“  Attend coaching session with parish marriage coordinator

WTL_Couples Roadmap-Phase-2-white_v1

Phase II

Marriage Formation

πŸ“  Register for a natural Family Planning course

πŸ“  Monthly meetings with mentor couple

πŸ“  Complete parish Scavenger Hunt activities

πŸ“  Attend parish, diocesan or WTL Be More Retreat

πŸ“  Theology Discussion Night with mentors and clergy

WTL_Couples Roadmap-Phase-3-white_v1

Phase III

Nuptial Mass Planning

β›ͺ  Wedding Liturgy Planning with your priest or deacon

πŸ’  Wedding Day

WTL_Couples Roadmap-Phase-4-white_v1

Phase IV

Post-Wedding Day

πŸ“  Join parish Be Light small group marriage communities

πŸ“  Continued accompaniment from mentors

πŸ“  Thriving generations of marriages and families

WTL_Couples Roadmap-Phase-5-white_v1

Phase V

Civilization of Love

πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨  Mentor younger couples

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πŸ’» Get ongoing support from Witness to Love through our online resources

Next Steps

Step 1

If you or you pastor have not done so already, tell us about your parish and order a Parish Review Pack to see our content and begin a conversation with our Parish Support Team.

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Step 2

Complete your WTL Certification Training course and the final quiz to begin your parish rollout process.

Enroll in MFC Online Training

Step 3

Once your training is complete, our Parish Support Team will reach out to schedule your follow-up phone or video call to plan your rollout and answer any questions!

Step 4

Order your materials! Each Engaged or Civilly-Married Set includes materials for the bride, groom, and their mentors.

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Step 5

Have a Kick-off Sunday to introduce WTL to your parish. Show the WTL Intro Video and use the sample pulpit announcement from the Parish Rollout section in your training course.

What Our Couples Are Saying

We’re honored to help couples build a strong foundation for their marriage vocation.

Payton & Cody
I truly believe that marriage programs such as Witness to Love are huge benefits for married or engaged couples wanting to be successful in their marriage. These events and/or programs that can benefit families as a whole, allow families of the parish to socialize and spread their faith and love while also spending quality time together.
Payton and Cody
WTL Couple, Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, LA
David and Clare2(1)-1
All of the Be More Retreat videos had an impact because each video had something special to offer whether it be about keeping God at the center, raising your children in the Catholic faith or even finances. All of the videos were great resources that outlined marriage between man and woman.
David and Clare
Diocese of Venice, FL
Sara & Dan
It is so important to encourage and strengthen marriage relationships, especially in this day and culture. Families will change the world. Being a Witness to Love mentor couple can help encourage young couples to rise to this challenge. It also has had such a positive impact on our own marriage. In the day to day of a busy life, it was nice to be forced to sit down and have regular, honest conversations about deep topics with one another.
Sara and Dan
Mentor Couple, Diocese of Madison, WI

Begin your journey!

 The Witness to Love Marriage Formation Coordinator has a broad, deep and lasting role. Enroll to get certified or contact our team to learn more about the role of an MFC.