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Investment in Marriage and Relationships Endures!


Thank you for your continued prayers and for investing in marriage as we continue our mission to build and sustain communities of Evangelizing Spouses to Be Light in our world (currently in the US and 24 Nations).  We believe in building communities and not just creating content.  Without your support this would not be possible!

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Witness to Love is Renewing the Church Through Relationships

Forming evangelizing spouses is the primary initiative of Witness to Love as we continue to renew the Church through relationships. Witness to Love is committed to creating and sustaining an International Marriage Movement dedicated to forming Evangelizing Spouses that are opening the doors to the Domestic Church around our nation and beyond.  During these uncertain times of social isolation, our Domestic Church is in even greater need of witnessing to our relationship with God and others. This is our time as married couples to shine and be the light to those in our communities that desperately need to see Sacramental Love that is always a free, total, faithful and fruitful covenant and gift to all!

“To feel love one must feel that someone has been waiting for them!”  

~Mother Elvira, Cenacolo Community


Communities in 24 Countries and 45 States impacted by Witness to Love including – United States, Canada, France, Guam, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, España, Guatemala


Witness Couple Testimonies


Even though we have been married 41 years, Witness to Love’s mentoring program has refreshed our understanding and commitment to our sacramental marriage. 

Mentor Couple: Tony & Judy Fennell, Venice, Florida



Witness to Love helped us to re-examine our vows and our daily commitments to each other. The program enabled us to more fully understand the sacramental depth and importance of the marriage vow even more than it was on our wedding day.  

Mentor Couple: Nafshiya & Steven Kyle Lightsey, Tyler,Texas


We have a deeper appreciation and respect for each other. It has been easy for us to keep pressing on as the years rush by and not really addressing issues that have plagued our 32 years of marriage almost from the beginning. Raising ten children has kept us busy and focused on their needs more so than focusing on ours. We are both hopeful and prayerful people, and Witness to Love has infused us with the desire, and equipped us with the tools to make our marriage better, stronger, and holier.  

Mentor Couple: Andre & Elisa Del Curto, San Francisco, California