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Show Witness to Love some LOVE!


Thank you for being part of our Witness to Love Family. With your help, Witness to Love is on a mission to renew the Church through relationships.  Thank you for your leadership in forming the next generation of Catholic families. Together, we are transforming the Church by growing thriving communities, virtuous marriages, and faithful families.

This past year was one of impactful growth for Witness to Love with opportunities to serve and to witness. Witness to Love was invited to speak at the 2021 global Vatican forum on marriage to over 350 leaders from around the globe. A journey that began ten years ago with desperation and openness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, is now firmly rooting engaged couples and their mentors in church communities around the world. These couples are the key to transforming the next generation of Catholic families in parishes throughout the United States and beyond.

Donate to Witness to Love via our website, Venmo or Amazon Smile using the links below:

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Through your generosity in 2021, we were able to achieve amazing milestones in our service to Christ and His Church:

  • 5,000+ couples directly impacted by date nights or marriage formation
  • Presented to 650+ leaders (bishops, clergy, church staff or volunteers)
  • 9,000 + reached via TV (Shalom World) and social media


Witness Couple Testimonies


“When we were asked to serve as a Witness to Love sponsor couple it was such an honor, but we did not think that our marriage was strong enough (or we were good enough) to serve as an example for the engaged couple. We trusted in God and decided to serve. What we discovered throughout the process is that we could share our love and dedication to each other and God, and the importance of creating a loving, supportive family for our children (not in spite of our flaws, but because of them). Don’t be afraid to mentor. Your marriage is a wonderful example of what real love and relationships are, and you will be blessed by the experience.

WTL Mentor Couple: Chris and Stephanie Diocese of Lansing, MI



“Our wedding was planned while we were on opposite sides of the ocean, residing in Italy and the United States. By the grace of God through the Witness to Love Program, two wonderful individuals were put on our path, our incredible mentor couple. Thanks to their guidance we grew to truly understand how faith is the foundation of marriage and will continuously strengthen throughout our lives. Together we reflected upon the pillars of Catholic Matrimony; our mentor couple bore their hearts to us preparing us for the difficult, as well as the wonderful times, ahead of us while living within the faith.”

WTL Couple: Lucia and Michael Italy/United States


“We had an extremely fruitful mentorship experience with our mentor couple. The advice, the conversations, the planned date, and the mentor led discussions all lead to even more appreciation of the Witness to Love process and the journey we are heading into. We are much closer to our mentors, and now have very candid, vulnerable and open conversations that we’ve never had. They feel like family more than anything now! The process helped us have deeper conversations, dialogue on things we may not have spoken about had we not done Witness to Love, and also made us think with a completely different lens and new found appreciation.”

WTL Couple- Arthur and Sharifa Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada


Investment in Marriage and Relationships Endures!

Thank you for your continued prayers and for investing in marriage as we continue our mission to build and sustain communities of Evangelizing Spouses to Be Light in our world (currently in the US and 24 Nations). We believe in building communities and not just creating content. Without your support this would not be possible!