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Step 2

Order Materials

Select from Engaged Couple or Civilly-Married Sets. Your bundle includes one workbook for the bride, one workbook for the groom and additional materials for your mentor couples. Your purchase also grants you access to the Witness to Love App, where you’ll find a course with witness videos to bring the workbook chapters to life and encourage conversation with your mentors!

Step 3

Choose a Mentor Couple

Choose a mentor couple using the guidelines listed below.  If your chosen mentor couple has questions about their role, please have them review the resources listed here.

Requirements for choosing a Mentor Couple:

  1. Married 5 years or more in the Catholic Church
  2. Active in the Church
  3. Have a marriage and family you both admire
  4. Go to the same church as you do now OR attend the church you will be married at OR attend the church that you will be attending after the wedding
  5. Should not be immediate family members

Steps to discerning:

Make sure to pray about your choice. Who can challenge you to have a better marriage? Do they have a strong relationship with Christ? Are they the couple you would go to naturally if you needed relationship help in the future? Do you like the way their kids turned out? Would you be happy if you had a marriage relationship like theirs? Discuss what it is specifically that you admire about their marriage. It doesn’t matter if you know them really well, but it does matter that you trust and admire them. If you get stuck, ask your parish for suggestions but remember that you still need to invite a couple to mentor/sponsor you. Just ask!

Step 4

Introductory Video

Watch this short introductory video with your mentor couple: 

Step 5

Coaching Session

Email to set up a coaching session with one of our marriage prep coaches via Zoom.  This session should last 20-30 minutes.  Please watch the introductory video with your mentor couple prior to the coaching session and write down any questions you may have.  Please have your workbooks available at the time of the coaching session.  The Marriage Prep Coach will review WTL in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Step 6

WTL Retreat

Complete Be More: A Marriage Formation Retreat by Witness to Love after chapter 4 and prior to chapter 5, as the retreat portion of the program.  ALL Theology lessons are required for WTL couples completing the virtual pathway.  Be sure to submit the final survey at the end to note completion. Note: Access to Be More Retreat is included with your Virtual Couples Marriage Prep Bundle.

Step 7

Marriage Enrichment and continued Accompaniment After the Wedding Day

For continued marriage formation for both newly married and mentor couples, please visit Witness to Love’s Be Light: A Marriage Enrichment Movement here.