Marriage Prep Coordinators

Thank you for being a leader in the renewal of marriages in your parish! You are key to changing the divorce rate in your community and changing the culture of how the Sacrament of Marriage is lived out in your parish. We are here to support you and we hope that you will find everything you need to get started on this page.

The Marriage Prep Coordinator is key for the Witness to Love process to work properly. The role can be assumed by a priest who has very few weddings, but more commonly it is a deacon, a lay individual or a couple, or a religious. Ideally it is someone over the age of 30, an evangelist, approachable, good with details, and who can make sure materials are reordered, spreadsheets are updated and everyone has their access codes. This person should also be passionate about the sacrament of marriage, indeed a marriage champion!

The Marriage Prep Coordinator sets the tone for how marriage preparation happens in the Parish and has many roles.  He or she 1) provides a visible face inviting the engaged couple into the life of the parish, 2) coaches the mentor couples in their role, 3) is known to all in the parish as the marriage prep “go to” person, 4) is available to help and to support the engaged couple and the mentors both before and after the wedding, 5) is an ongoing mentor to the mentors, letting them know about upcoming retreats and parish events, 6) might host get togethers for couples over the years. In short, the Witness to Love MPC has a broad, deep and lasting role.

Once you have been trained either online or at a live training make sure to:

1. Go through the Parish Rollout Checklist

2. Print off copies of the WTL Info Flyer for your parish team

3. Visit the FAQ page to watch some great short videos or read our FAQ sheet

4. Have a Kick-off Sunday to introduce WTL to your parish. Show the WTL intro video and use the Sample Pulpit Announcement. This will get the community excited to be a part of strengthening marriages in the community!

To order materials please visit our shop.  Order one bundle per couple getting married.  You will give your engaged couple two of the workbooks that come in the bundle and you will give the mentor couple one workbook and the mentor’s handbook. Each bundle comes with a letter to the mentors with directions for each meeting as well. Once you place your order make sure to check your email for the access codes that you will give to your mentor couples.

If your mentor couples are having difficulty attaining access to the online training, please attempt the following prior to reporting the issue to the Witness to Love team.

1. The Mentor Couple will only create an account once using this link:  Once the account is created, they will login each time using the link for ‘my courses’: or direct them to click on the “sign in” link in the top right corner of the home page.

2. The access code can only be used once and then it is no longer usable.  The access code is actually a coupon code and will allow online video access for free through the registration process. Once the account is created they will then need to click sign in or my courses to log in. Their user ID is their email address and their password is the one they created.

3. If the Mentor Couple states they are not able to ‘log-in’ or the access code is not working after initial account creation, please assure they are logging into the classroom by going to our homepage and clicking ‘my courses’ or using this direct link. Encourage them to bookmark this link on their computer or add it to the home screen on their phone.

* Please note – in the past both couples had to create an account but now only the mentors need to create an account and then after chapters 4 and 6 the mentors will share a link with their engaged couple and the engaged couple and the mentors will complete a survey and it will be sent to the marriage prep coordinator whose email they have been directed to enter. Please make sure to give them an email address that is simple and checked often that is generic to the parish. Example:

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