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The Role of the Marriage Prep Coordinator

The Marriage Prep Coordinator is key for the Witness to Love process to work properly. The role can be assumed by a priest who has very few weddings, but more commonly it is a deacon, a lay individual or a couple, or a religious. Ideally, it is someone over the age of 30, an evangelist, approachable, good with details, and who can make sure materials are reordered, spreadsheets are updated and everyone has their access codes. This person should also be passionate about the sacrament of marriage, indeed a marriage champion!

The Marriage Prep Coordinator sets the tone for how marriage preparation happens in the Parish and has many roles.  He or she

  1. Provides a visible face inviting the engaged couple into the life of the parish
  2. Coaches the mentor couples in their role
  3. Is known to all in the parish as the marriage prep “go to” person
  4. Is available to help and to support the engaged couple and the mentors both before and after the wedding
  5. Is an ongoing mentor to the mentors, letting them know about upcoming retreats and parish events
  6. Might host get togethers for couples over the years.

In short, the Witness to Love MPC has a broad, deep and lasting role.

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Delivered Live at the 2021 Fullness of Truth Divine Renovation Conference in San Antonio.