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Witness to Love

A Marriage Movement





Investment in Marriage and Relationships Endures!

Thank you for your continued prayers and for investing in marriage as we continue our mission to build and sustain communities of Evangelizing Spouses to Be Light in our world (currently in the US and 24 Nations).  We believe in building communities and not just creating content.  Without your support this would not be possible!


Couple Testimony

“Date Night remains our weekly priority to grow and nourish our marriage. It’s simply a non negotiable…time we choose to “protect” the covenant we made to one another, mindful of evils desire to separate us through even what might be considered good.  The opportunity to join Witness to Love and “Be Light Virtual Date Night” welcomed Julie and I to not only choose the “better part”, US…but also to be reminded that OUR Sacrament is intended to BLESS, OTHERS. What greater gift might we share with those that we love than a true and authentic witness to love born in Him.”
Mike and Julie Bishop, Germantown, TN