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Witness to Love is a virtues-based, Catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation that integrates modern principles of psychology and the virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue about their relationship.

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Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

An Inspired Wedding Gift List for Catholic Couples

What is in a gift? A gift given and received at a wedding can sustain us in different ways and make a lasting impact. Intentional giving shows others by word and action, your heart and intentions for them. Whether that is through a handwritten note or a gift that is prayed over…the spirit of generosity can be showered on couples as they prepare for their life together. Each gift can be a symbol of God’s love and mercy for us. The best gifts come in the form of weighing the couples interests, hobbies and habits. Many couples indeed have wedding registry items they need or want but an inspired gift for the marriage rather than just for the home is important and this is an occasion to do BOTH. Expressing our love and devotion simply through a small gift or token of our affection is a beautiful opportunity. Mainly in forming our families in the faith, one of the greatest gifts we can receive and share is to build up our own domestic church. But also in the gifts we give to those whom we hold dear. Carefully chosen and thoughtfully discerned, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. As we desire to find that meaningful gift for the modern bride and groom, we trust this small treasure will sustain them for years to come. Welcome this as an opportunity to share the joy and love of being rooted in Christ with the happy couple. Pray for them. Ignite hope and trust from the start for couples to be prepared for what life might bring.

Spring wedding season is upon us. And this year there is sure to be an overwhelming response to celebrating the happy couple. April 2021, marked 20 years of marriage for my spouse and I. We had a big, southern Catholic wedding that honored everything about our Cajun – German Catholic heritage. This special anniversary time has me reminiscing over the joys and indescribable fullness of the graces received in the sacrament. Also drawing inspiration from the gifts we were given from others, many of which we still cherish today. Most importantly, gifts of faith from our parents and grandparents, passed down for generations. Gifts of love from our friends and family supporting us that day and still journeying with us through life today. My heart is full with each of those spiritual gifts of prayer and my home is marked with outward signs of that love shown to us by so many. In particular, physical gifts of locally made art and religious icons, books and rosaries. Crucifixes above every door and scripture decorating my bookshelves, bedside and coffee table. The heart of my home is made known by our love for Christ and His Church, and our family through the many religious articles that adorn it.

In looking back on some of my favorite faith-based gifts received and inspired by some new Catholic artists, I compiled a list of must-haves for the newlyweds. These noteworthy suggestions are ‘off registry’, but encourage and spark keeping Christ at the center of the marriage, along with prayer. When seeking out good intentional gifts for Catholic couples, there are so many unique and treasured possibilities. Personalized, embossed or monogrammed items elevate the gift. Honoring the Feast Day that the couple will celebrate the sacrament of marriage and including their heritage in the process all make the gift more memorable and impactful. My hopes are that this list will inspire you in time for meaningful and intentional shopping trips or online purchases. More importantly, that the couple receiving your gift will be reminded of God’s love for them and the covenant they are embracing.

Tangible favorites are physical gifts from the heart like a bible, prayer journal, crucifix, rosary, books or locally inspired art. Nothing says LOVE better than these curated gifts:

For the Kitchen :

Charcuterie Board

Kitchen Dough Bowl and Blessing Bread Bowl

Cooking with the Saints or Spicing Up Married Life Cook Books

Watercolor Portraits

Kitchen Print

Ring Blessing Bowl

Devotionals and Books:

Chosen and Cherished Book

A Call to Deeper Love Book

Witness to love Book

Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage Book

Catholic All Year Book

Hallowed Be This House Book

Theology of Home Book

For the Home:

Hand Towel

Catholic Wall Art or Personalized Framed Scripture Verse with Last Name

Nativity Scene

Holy Family Hearts or Wedding Prints/Quotes

Holy Family Statue/Icon or Prayer Candle

Sacrament of Matrimony Holy Mass Crucifix or Handmade Oyster Shell Cross

Wall Rosary

Personalized Family Bible (Name and Wedding Date)

Invitation Preservation

Wedding print or Patron Saint Wall Art

Scripture Wall Hanging

Family Litany of the Saints

Clay Blessing Bowl

Domestic Church /Saint Candles

Holy Water Font

Oyster Monogram Letter

Personalized Wooden Scripture Sign

Glass Rosary Box

Decorative Intaglio

Blessing Cross

Jesus Icon

Handmade Paintings and Art:

Custom Church Illustration

Painting and Sketches

Custom Hand Lettered Art or Custom Watercolor

Religious Inspired Art

Spiritual and Enrichment gifts are those that deepen the faith and honor the couple. These ideas enrich the faith life of the couple while encouraging an active prayer life.

5 Love languages book and gift guide
Prayer small groups Be Light Prayerful Art
Mass in Honor Of- contact local church parish to sponsor
Devotional/Couples Journal
Catholic Supper or Book Clubs
Couples Retreat or Day of Reflection at a local Retreat Center
Sacred Heart Home Enthronement Blessing

Do you have any favorite gifts from your catholic wedding? Ultimate gifts that were given or received? What gifts do you treasure most today?

Each marriage is a gift of self. Together we can transform the world and open the doors for God to show his mercy and love through every couple receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony. Sharing in the JOY of the wedding and celebrating the vocation of marriage is an honor for each of us participating. The gifts recommended could also be given as a housewarming gift and a good excuse to visit the new couple in the first few months after their wedding. My hope is to make discerning the best gifts for couples embarking on their journey to the altar easy, creative and meaningful.