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Strengthening Marriages Through Faith & Commitment

Witness to Love provides a transformative journey for couples, guiding them through faith-based marriage preparation and ongoing support.


Through comprehensive resources and ongoing support, Witness to Love equips couples with the tools to navigate challenges and strengthen their bond for a lifetime of love in Christ.

Church Leaders

Witness to Love provides church leaders with comprehensive training and resources to cultivate thriving marriages within their communities, fostering a culture of love, faith, and commitment.


Support Witness to Love's mission of fostering enduring Christ-centered marriages and ensuring couples worldwide receive formation, connection, and resources needed to build strong, loving marriages.

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What is Witness to Love?

Witness to Love is a virtues-based, Catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation that integrates modern principles of psychology and the virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue about their relationship.

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WTL hosts a variety of events ranging from marriage preparation workshops to mentor training sessions.

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The Witness to Love Media Center features a diverse range of resources including articles, downloads, podcasts, and videos.


Marriage preparation materials, mentor training guides, and faith-based content to support couples at every stage of their relationship.

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Choosing to Live and to Love in the Day that You are Given

Choosing to Live and to Love in the Day that You are Given

Choosing to Live and to Love in the Day that You are Given

Yesterday a dear friend’s husband passed from this life. On Christmas Eve, just over a month ago, my best friend’s husband died suddenly. Just four months ago my dad passed away. The fragility of life has my attention. There are seasons in life where we ponder success, education, retirement accounts, vacations, health–there’s always something that preoccupies the largest portion of our attention.

But…what if choosing love preoccupied the largest portion of our attention? At the end of life what else matters?

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Join Witness to Love for a couples’ novena in honor of #NationalMarriageWeek.  Each Day, we’ll pray for a different intention and commend our prayers to the intercession of powerful married Saints so that we might learn how to love! Find more information here and additional resources for couples and parishes here.