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Step 1:

Choose a date to host a Parish Date Night Event.

Advent is a great time to begin date night events.  Each week as you light a new candle, host a date night to share a renewed hope in anticipation of our Lord and His grace in their marriage.

February is the Month of the Holy Family (and National Marriage Week/Month) and is a great month to begin date night events.

Other options: Fall Date Night Series, Lenten Date Night Series, Summer Date Night Series


Step 2:

Enlist a ‘host couple’ to assist in coordinating (and cooking if needed)

The ‘host couple’ will learn along with you and should be willing to host date nights at their own home after this first event.  You are providing the example.

Invite a different ‘host couple’ each week to receive and disciple other couples.

Each week participating couples will share a meal, watch a Be Light Date Night video together and have small group discussion.  If you are not able to provide a meal, offer horderves or dessert and drinks.


Step 3:

Register for the Be Light Mini Date Night Series by Witness to Love here.

During the first date night event- together watch the ‘Introduction Session’ of the Date Night Series.  This will set the tone for future date nights.  The Introduction Session includes:

  1. Watch the Introductory Video
  2. Discussion Questions for couples
  3. Small group discussion for all couples

Each subsequent date night will be a video from Be Light Mini Date Night Series (Note: There are 5 date nights available in this series.  You may utilize all of them or choose specific videos for the # of parish date nights you will host after the introductory session)

Empower couples attending the parish event to start their own Be Light Marriage Enrichment Small Groups in their home (domestic church) and invite couples to join them.

Host couples may use this resource to begin Be Light small groups in their homes after the initial parish date night series event.


Step 4:

At the end of the parish date night series event, have all couples register for Be Light Mint Date Night Series via WTL’s website at  or download the WTL app from the app store, sign up and tap ‘Open Registration’ from the main menu.  Register for Be Light Mini Date Night Series and explore other free marriage enrichment opportunities from Witness to Love.

Note: Year of Belonging (year one) is available for registration at the end of the mini date night series and monthly content includes the following:

  • Couple Testimony Video-  Watch as a group monthly at in-home date nights and utilize the discussion questions for small group discussion
  • Clergy Testimony Video-  If you want a longer date night, add the clergy testimony video, or couples may watch on their own after the small group date night.
  • Episode from WTL’s Podcast with the founders- Listen to the podcast as a couple during the time leading up to the next small group date night.
  • Music Event- Watch/listen to the music event as a family in your own home.


Additional Resources:

Be Light Mini Date Night Series resource page here.

Be Light Mini Date Night Series discussion questions here.

Be Light customization option for parishes available here.

Enroll in WTL’s Be Light Leader Formation Course here.

Tips for Be Light groups hosted by evangelizing clergy here.