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Texas Marriage Movement

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Welcome, Texas Marriage Champions!

Witness to Love is a virtues-based, Catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation. Our mentor-led model encourages relationship, ongoing support and an integration into the life of the parish. Does your parish see marriage prep as an opportunity for evangelization? Do the couples getting married at your parish come back after the wedding, or is your parish (and the Church) just a necessary stop for the wedding? We want your pews to be full of young married couples raising solid Catholic families. Learn more about Witness to Love here, review our programs and our Case for Support.

There are 1,200 Catholic Churches in the State of Texas. Unfortunately, research indicates only 18%* of Texas Churches today substantially invest in the formation and support of marriages. We are working with bishops, priests, lay leaders, and Marriage Champions from around the State of Texas to increase that number by 50%. We need you. We discovered and want to share with you a new way to provide marriage formation.

Witness to love is a process that is actually:

  • Lowering the divorce rate to less than 5.8% at the 5 year mark in most of our churches
  • Increasing Mass attendance by 70-90%…


Witness to Love is currently active in over 45 parishes within 5 dioceses across the state of Texas. Continue below to read what leaders and couples have to say!

Get Started with Witness to Love:

  1. We invite you to fill out this questionnaire to access a free digital preview of our program and receive a discount on our Parish Certification Training (also available in Spanish) made available through the generosity of the Scanlan Foundation.
  2. Once you complete the training, someone on our team will assist you with implementing Witness to Love in your parish.
  3. Start the Witness to Love program with your couples and give them the gift of a deeper relationship with Christ, one another, and their parish community.

*Communio- Barna Study


“We have become acquainted with Witness to Love throughout this past year, and in that short time have been amazed at how the Holy Spirit is working to enrich engaged and married Catholic couples through this deliberate and well-researched program. The Witness to Love team has developed a way to strengthen families, and Texas is fortunate to have them come share their expertise with our wonderful Catholic families.”  ~Will Cravens, Executive Vice President, Scanlan Foundation


“Witness to Love is changing the face of marriage in the United States and beyond through proven results. By helping married couples share from their own marriages, parish communities are being strengthened, and the next generation is being successfully mentored. I highly recommend this ministry to any community looking to transform its members and marriages!” 

~Justin Reyes, Director of Family Evangelization, Diocese of Victoria, TX

Justin Reyes


“Witness to Love has completely changed how we think about marriage formation. This is so much more than a program that fulfills a “marriage prep requirement”; it is transforming parishes through genuine relationships and it is helping us to become more intentional in how we walk with couples well beyond their wedding day. Witness to Love is an accompaniment model of evangelization that every parish should use if they want to build up the culture of marriage and family life within the community.”

~Deanna Johnston, Director of Family Life, Diocese of Tyler, TX



Marriage has in a sense, been something I feared, simply because I know how sacred and important it really is. And unfortunately in today’s society there are many temptations; and one can easily get pulled down a negative path. However, because of this program, we have a better idea and understanding of how together, as a couple, and together with Christ, any and all marital obstacles can be overcome. Crystal & Christian, Witness to Love Engaged Couple Tyler, TX


I believe this is a great model as it should strengthen the mentors’ marriage as they go through the program with their engaged couple. I personally see a need for couples who have been married 25+ years to have some form of similar marriage enrichment. There are so many couples who married in the 70’s and 80’s who had little to no formation and would benefit greatly from this information.

Mike & Susan, Witness to Love Mentor Couple Tyler, TX