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Dear Marriage Champion,

Thank you for all the work you do in the areas of marriage and family life! This packet of materials has been put together to introduce you to Witness to Love, a marriage preparation and renewal program. Below are details about the materials you have received. We are happy to assist you with any questions you have.

Your Review Pack includes:

  • The What is Witness to Love Info Flyer, which introduces the framework and unique approach of Witness to Love. Please read this first.
  • The Witness to Love Mentor Couple’s Letter, which provides insights and instructions for the mentor couple.
  • The Witness to Love Couple’s Workbook. This core piece of the program was developed in consultation with psychologists, clergy, married couples and theologians, in order to provide the best resource for engaged couples to grow in virtue with their mentor couples. The workbook strategically pairs life-skills with key virtues that are necessary for healthy marriages.
  • The Witness to Love Mentor’s Journey Booklet. This book was designed to help mentor couples examine their marriage so that they might share it with others.
  • The Witness to Love Leader’s Guide. This guide dives deep into the ethos of Witness to Love as well as the psychological principles that make Witness to Love so effective. This training manual also includes step-by-step instructions to organize, plan, and implement a fruitful and lasting marriage preparation and renewal ministry ready to transition young couples into active members of your church community. This is also an important piece that is used extensively in both our online and our live Witness to Love Certification trainings.
  • Access to the Online Couple’s Video Series. This video series is used along with our workbook during couple meetings. Each chapter is paired with a brief video of a married couple’s unique witness that beautifully illuminates the virtue in the chapter their story is paired with. Their story is meant to prompt dialogue as well as challenge both the engaged couple and their mentors to go more deeply into conversation. These videos were filmed to bring the workbook to life and show the engaged couples the beauty and power of marriage! Make sure to access the video content as you go through the workbook via the Witness to Love app.

Once you have reviewed the materials, we would like to invite you to schedule a phone conversation with our WTL Support Team to answer any questions you may have.  The Review Pack is only an introduction to Witness to Love and should not be considered certification. The next step in bringing Witness to Love to your church is to complete our Certification Training by contacting a support team member.

Witness to Love is currently being used successfully across the country as an exciting and effective development in marriage preparation and is integrating newly married couples into the life of the Church! We look forward to partnering with you as you serve your church community. Please email to schedule a call with a WTL Support Team Member.

Thank you again for all you do for engaged and newly married couples, and we pray that together we can work to build strong, healthy, and vibrant marriages in our church communities.


Ryan and Mary-Rose Verret

Ready to present Witness to Love to Church Leaders? Use the resources found at the end of the Leader’s Guide here.


Please review our Case for Support for more information. This document is a compelling compilation of our incredible mission and compares traditional marriage prep to the success of WTL. Our model has been transformative because it fosters authenticity, intimacy, and discipleship for the couples involved and for the entire Church community.


Please read Witness to Love’s article in the Federalist here: