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Parish Leader

Fertility Awareness Resources

Parish Leader Fertility Awareness Resources


This is a Short-Course and Continuing Education opportunity for Clergy and Parish Leaders. The course responds to the challenges that many encounter in confidently communicating the beauty of the Church’s teachings regarding family planning. Couples desperately need to hear the truth and beauty upheld by Humanae Vitae but in a way that is evangelical as well as founded upon best practices for human growth and moral formation.  Course videos include discussion with Fr. Mario Amore (Archdiocese of Detroit), Professor Janet Smith, and Mary-Rose Verret.

Bonus Content: In video one, Alex and Sarah Schimpf explore the challenges of the Church’s moral teachings and how living them out is aimed at authentic marital happiness.  Video two features Dr. Kerry and Peter Pound as they delve into the language of sexual intercourse, the “wedding vows made flesh”. They examine Humanae Vitae and its impact. Finally, they discuss the biology of fertility awareness techniques and their effectiveness and benefits.

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“I will absolutely be sharing this series with our clergy and parish leaders. The different perspectives provided by the three of you: Mary Rose Verret as an experienced NFP instructor, Fr. Amore giving the clergy perspective, and Dr. Smith with the theologian’s perspective, just all complemented each other so beautifully. I think this will give any parish leader more confidence in how to approach this topic pastorally and effectively with couples.  Thank you for taking the time to do this. Much needed!”  ~John Prust Director Office for Family Life and Spirituality Diocese of San Diego