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Renewing the Church Through Relationships

Donate TODAY and make a difference!

Love is Repaid by Love Alone

From the staff, board and volunteers of Witness to Love we want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every person who donated during #iGiveCatholic !


This year alone, 85 new church communities were supported by the WitnessToLove team, in addition to the hundreds of other parishes that we have been supporting over the past decade.


Our ministry is lowering the divorce rate, increasing church attendance and helping parishes and dioceses around the world to form future families to be the salt and light our world desperately needs.


The funds raised yesterday went a long way in helping us to close our year-end gap but we know this is a marathon, not a sprint. We still have close to $30,000 in matching funds available throughout the remainder of this calendar year. Please help us close the gap by donating here:


During this Advent Season as we wait for the Infant Christ, we lift up our donors and supporters in prayer and gratitude.


“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.” ~John 15:9





Witness Couple Testimonies


“Witness to Love is helping to build strong marriages and families, which ultimately build a stronger society and community. In addition, you and your spouse will grow and be blessed.”

WTL Mentor Couple: Sheila and Eric Diocese of San Diego, CA




“Our favorite part of Witness to Love was being able to connect and build a true relationship with our mentor couple. Being able to witness a real life example of what we are hoping to become has been invaluable.”  

WTL Couple: Abigail and Patrick Archdiocese of Detroit, MI



“This is a time in history when so many young people are lacking marital role models. Consider sharing your life experiences as a Witness to Love mentor couple, and enjoy some prayer time and guided conversations with your spouse while you are at it.”  

WTL Mentor Couple: Scott and Jennifer Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA


Witness to Love is Renewing the Church Through Relationships


Forming evangelizing spouses is the primary initiative of Witness to Love as we continue to renew the Church through relationships. Witness to Love is committed to creating and sustaining an International Marriage Movement dedicated to forming Evangelizing Spouses that are opening the doors to the Domestic Church around our nation and beyond. During these uncertain times of social isolation, our Domestic Church is in even greater need of witnessing to our relationship with God and others. This is our time as married couples to shine and be the light to those in our communities that desperately need to see Sacramental Love that is always a free, total, faithful and fruitful covenant and gift to all!

“To feel love one must feel that someone has been waiting for them!”

~Mother Elvira, Cenacolo Community